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Pastor Darick is calling for Berea (Leaders and parishioners) to collectively complete 100 hours of volunteerism for 2018. We believe that it is imperative for “the church” to have a physical presence in a community in order to have influence in that community.


  1. You must be at least 10 years of age in order to record volunteer hours. If you are under the age of 18, a guardian must sign your slips (along with your signature).

  2. Your volunteer hours must be spent engaging in an event/service that benefits the community, not Berea.

  3. Every time you participate in volunteering in the community, you must fill out a “Volunteerism Slip” that will include the details of your service. It is your responsibility to turn it in to the director of Volunteer Engagement in order for your hours to be recorded. If your slip is not turned in, you will not get credit for your hours.

  4. We ask that when you perform your community volunteer service, you wear a Berea T-shirt (unless a t-shirt is provided by the partnering organization).

Once we have accomplished our goal of 100 collective volunteerism hours, Berea will host a celebration at the church where all participants will be invited. At this celebration the member with the most volunteer hours will be rewarded with a prize!

To become a participant in this initiative, please send an email to and type in the subject box, “Volunteer Engagement”.


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