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Must be a resident in Oakland County with low income who would not have a holiday if it were not for this program. All applicants must be able to show a valid Driver’s License or State ID. Please submit "wish list" items for children only. Household items may be included for parents or caregivers in the home.


In order to be eligible for the Adopt-A-Family program you must have applied by Friday, November 30th at 6pm (EST). All applications must be submitted electronically through our website ( Families will be selected based on number of children in household, your story of a need, disabilities, or extremely low income. You must be the legal guardian of all children you claim on your application. We need a copy of each child’s birth certificate.


Note: If you have already been adopted by another agency or Toys for Tots this year you do not qualify for the Berea Care, Inc Adopt-A-Family program.


Upon filing out your wish list, please note that we do not guarantee that everything you have listed will be provided. We will do the best we can to meet your needs and wants according to our resources.



It is important to have your application done by the deadline. If it is not completed by the given deadline you will be ineligible to be selected this year. All applications and wish lists must be done electronically through our website. You must fill out all requested slots and answer all questions honestly to the best of your ability. False information will lead to an automatic disqualification. Only one application is allowed per house hold. No one will be discriminated against by your race, religious belief, sexual orientation, or handicap. No purchase is necessary for this program. You must only claim children who live in your household.


Committee will meet to go over applicants and select potential families. Once families are selected, the committee will check with other agencies to confirm that our selected applicants have not been accepted through other programs. If they have not been selected by other adopt-a-family programs, they will move from "selected" to "official Berea Care Adopt-A-Family Clients”.


Our adopted families will be notified via email.


Families that have been adopted will be able to come to the church and pick up your items Saturday, December 22nd  between 12 noon and 5pm. Please make sure you have reliable transportation to get your items home. We are not responsible for delivering your items to your home. The applicant must be present with your driver's license or valid state I.D. to receive your gifts. If you are not able to make it, you may send someone to pick them up on your behalf, but they must bring a copy of your driver's license or I.D.


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